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Leading provider of closing and title software for title professionals for over 40 years

Closers' Choice enables Settlement Agents, Title Companies, Real Property Law firms and other Title Professionals to perform user-friendly and time efficient settlements.

Our partner integrations, through our Services Gateway offering, allows you to communicate with your partners through a single platform. No more logging in, managing passwords, and re-keying data.

Why Partner with Closers' Choice?

Intuitive File Management

Closer's Choice allows you to easily track file status and search for files simplifying your daily workflow.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

Closers’ Choice software is set up to help you organize and plan. It enables you to work smarter – not harder – so that you get more done in less time.

Easy-to-use Document Templates

Our Software includes an extensive library of easily editable documents to get you started. Quickly preview and edit your Closing documents with intuitive functionality.

Vendor Management Tools

Our Services Gateway offering has set a new standard in title software allowing you to order your file requirements with a simple click.

Innovative Functionality

We think out of the box. Our developers are constantly exploring new ways to improve the user experience and workflow.

Premiere Security Technology

Security is our top priority. Closers' Choice works to implement the latest security functionality. We take on the job of keeping your data secure so you don't have to.